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Established 1988
Roanoke, Virginia

Hill Studio is a certified small business specializing in community planning, landscape architecture, architecture and historic preservation. We have eighteen professionals with demonstrated experience working with local governments, state agencies, private organizations, individuals, and non-profit entities. Our firm has completed over 2,200 projects and won over 35 state and national awards for planning and design excellence. We believe in asset-based development that builds on the special environmental, historic, cultural and scenic resources of a community. We work closely with our clients to recognize, establish and creatively reinforce the unique sense of place in each project.

Hill Studio is outstanding among planning and design firms because of the expert cross-discipline collaboration that we integrate into every project. We are committed to providing distinguished service and products that excel in creativity and environmental stewardship, while addressing specific client needs, budget, and schedules.

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Why Choose Hill Studio?

We are experts in place-based design for communities, and in design for education, recreation and the arts. Our tailored community engagement and planning processes build broad project support, fostering implementation.