Roanoke, Virginia Pattern Book

Overview: Hill Studio developed a residential pattern book for the established neighborhoods in Roanoke, Virginia. The user-friendly pattern book provided information and guidance on development patterns, housing styles and forms, property maintenance, and appropriate architectural methods for additions and renovations of older homes. The pattern book is used as a tool by homeowners and by city staff to help citizens understand the built development patterns of a neighborhood and how to best care for and enhance older homes, thereby retaining that special sense of place unique to Roanoke.

Location: Roanoke, Virginia

Planning Process: Public workshops, presentations, historic research, city partnerships

Population: 100,000

Awards: Planning Innovation Award 2009, Virginia American Planning Association

Roanoke Pattern Book Marketing Sheet (PDF)
Roanoke Pattern Book Parts of House (PDF)
Type Checklist (PDF)
Patterns (PDF)
Roanoke Pattern Book Massing (PDF)
Roanoke Pattern Book Doors (PDF)
Bungalow Pattern (PDF)
Roanoke Arch Patterns (PDF)